If  you are anything like me (an formula1 fan, enthusiast) then you must have dreamt at some point how cool it will be to own, manage, or work for a Formula1 team and while for some of us dreams come true for others don’t or at least not in the way that we expect, so to help us fulfill part of our dreams (at least in the digital world) Formula1  along with Codemasters have developed F1 Online The Game the first game that gives you the possibility to create and manage your own Formula1 team, also you can develop your car and compete for the championship, all this as a team owner, but Codemasters did not forget about the racer and for drivers is possible to go wheel-to-wheel against other players with  online multiplayer racing action so that you can experience how Formula1 feels like with official cars, drivers and circuits.

Here is the game trailer:

Get registered and Have Fun !!!